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    • Proven approaches to provider reimbursement

      Meticulous analysis, deep regulatory and industry knowledge and innovative claims-recovery tools enable us to “get to yes” and achieve impressive results for our clients.

    • The go-to source for reimbursement and recovery

      We serve ambulatory surgery centers, billing organizations, hospitals, medical device companies, physicians and plan administrators, filing appeals that recover denied receivables and protect provider assets.

    • Experienced advocates for providers' rights

      We help providers and their legal, accounting and billing partners navigate the complex and changing world of healthcare financing with vigilant claims management, skillful negotiation and contract enforcement.

    • Tools, tactics and the power of yes

      We empower providers with strategies and knowledge resources that help them minimize costly litigation and create compliant procedures, policies and programs.

    • New programs and protocols

      We help out-of-network providers stay in the reimbursement loop with specialized on-site training that focuses on compliance risk management and strategies to avoid claims denials and overpayment recoupments.

The power of yes.

About Us

AVYM is a leading healthcare reimbursement recovery firm, serving providers, billing organizations, plan administrators and medical device companies in actions involving denied or disputed medical insurance claims.
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Out Of Network Healthcare Reimbursement Compliance Program

For many hospitals and providers, “out of network” may mean “out of luck” as they face an increasing number of payers issue total claims denials and overpayment recoupments worth millions of dollars. AVYM has developed the Out Of Network Healthcare Reimbursement Compliance Program (OHR), focusing on compliance risk management and solutions.
The new protocol consists of two onsite programs and is based on the most recent federal and state judicial decisions and regulatory guidance.
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Self-Insured Plan TPA Recoupments

Is your third-party administrator holding out on you? With more than $19 billion in anti-fraud and overpayment recoupments in the private sector, there’s a good likelihood your TPA has not restored or refunded the full amount to your ERISA plan as required. Our innovative Fiduciary Overpayment Recovery Specialist and Fiduciary Overpayment Recovery Contractor (FORC) programs can help self-insured plans like yours recover assets and protect revenue.
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