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GAO-11-268 March 16, 2011
Ramifications of Report:

When denied reimbursement by an insurance company, one of the biggest mistakes made is not appealing the decision. When denied reimbursement for services you have the right to appeal and the Insurance Company/Plan Administrator is required to explain why they denied the claim. Doing so often pays off, with an estimated 59 percent of appeals being decided in favor of the claimant.

Data on Application and Coverage Denials

“Further, the data GAO reviewed indicated that coverage denials, if appealed, were frequently reversed in the consumer’s favor. For example, data from four of the six states on the outcomes of appeals filed with insurers indicated that 39 percent to 59 percent of appeals resulted in the insurer reversing its original coverage denial……Ohio data indicated that 0.5 percent of claim denials were internally appealed.”