In a world of no, AVYM means yes.

AVYM is a leading healthcare claims recovery firm, assisting self-insured employer sponsored health plans, plan administrators, providers, and law firms in issues involving medical insurance, medical claim payments and on-going claim monitoring.

Our experienced consultants are certified ERISA/PPACA Claims Appeals specialists, who participated in the nation’s first ERISA/PPACA Claims Appeals Certification program. We have reviewed thousands of ERISA claims and realized significant recoveries of “dead” or “written off” accounts receivables.

We offer comprehensive and customized services that achieve maximum recovery and empower our clients with compliant strategies and resources to mitigate future claims payment complications.

Our philosophy is simple: We Follow The Money! Our track record and experience combined with deep industry and regulatory knowledge allow us to maximize recoveries and protect client assets and bottom-line health.

AVYM is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.