Open Letter Asking for Transparency

Over the years healthcare in the US has evolved into an extremely complex, non-transparent and convoluted process. For even the most informed, understanding this baffling process is nearly impossible. Avym’s mission is to help demystify the US healthcare industry. As consultants in the healthcare sector, we advocate for education, transparency and compliance.

As such, we advise – and count among our clients – all parties that interact within the healthcare industry and include both medical providers and self-insured employer health plans. We even advise patients. Truthfully, we are happy to help anyone that reaches out to us.

On occasion, we write and share opinion pieces discussing industry trends and issues. Our goal is to provide an open transparent dialogue on these issues and trends, and we encourage all perspectives in order to assist everyone in search of information on related topics.

Sometimes we write about issues presented in legal cases, and while we offer our opinion of the issues to the best of our ability, we neither endorse nor disparage the practices of any parties to the suit. Inevitably, however, some entities may not agree with our opinions. In these situations, we strive to create an environment where a transparent and open dialogue can occur, welcoming insights and perspectives that differ from ours.

Recently, we wrote an opinion article describing a particular court case in an attempt to offer insight and educate industry professionals on the many issues that concern them on a daily basis. The original opinion article, titled “Don’t Leave Fox Guarding Employer Plan” which can be found here, and here.

Unfortunately, and in spite of our best efforts, an entity who was never named in our article but who was a party to the lawsuit referenced in our article, chose to send us a letter threatening legal action. Consistent with our core values of transparency and in an effort to correct any mischaracterization of our article from factual inaccuracies in said letter, we have decided to share the letter in order to help clarify and resolve any confusion.

Here is a copy of the letter:

Our article never suggested AMPS or any other party to this particular lawsuit is, or was, acting in an unscrupulous manner. Curiously, AMPS views the article as defamatory, in-spite of the fact the article never mentions AMPS (or any of the defendants) by name.

Additionally, as mentioned before, we advise medical providers as well as self-insured employer health plans. We strive to empower self-insured health plans by espousing the importance of education on federal and state rules & regulations, trends, risks, and other valuable information in order to reduce wasteful spending while at the same time, allowing all Americans access to affordable, timely medical care.

Lastly, an important point to consider is our opinion piece does indeed make clear the final disposition of the case, where the courts ruled in favor of the defendants and against the self-insured employer plan plaintiffs.

During this historically critical time in American healthcare, where there is a lack of transparent information, we advocate for transparency to include dissemination of important information and open discourse. We are under the impression this is a mutual goal of all industry professionals and were confused as to why AMPS would choose to send a threatening letter, mischaracterizing our opinions and intent, instead of choosing to engage in a transparent, productive discussion.

Avym will continue to advocate for ERISA plan assets audit and embezzlement recovery education and consulting. With new Supreme Court guidance on ERISA anti-fraud protection, we are ready to assist all self-insured plans recover billions of dollars of self-insured plan assets, on behalf of hard-working Americans.